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From chaos & mess to a manageable, more organized home in just four weeks.

One task each day for 28 days, with rest days built in, and an extra boost of accountability...

28 Day Decluttering Jumpstart

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A process is great, but sometimes, you need a little more than that. You need some hand-holding. You need some accountability. And you need some specific daily assignments and guidance to help you go from overwhelmed to action-taker. 

If you want to finally get organized but...

...You just don't know where to start...

...You have the best of intentions, but not a lot of time...

...You need a good dose of motivation in the form of guidance and a little extra accountability...

Meet the 28 Day Decluttering Jumpstart Program:

28 Day Decluttering Jumpstart
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    Printable PDF guide outlining 28 days of quick and simple decluttering assignments, with rest days built in. Each week will have a new focus area. 
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    Weekly email check-ins for extra accountability for four weeks. 
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    Private Facebook group featuring live weekly chats with tips for decluttering each focus area, Q&As, and a place to celebrate those wins and troubleshoot obstacles.
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    Lifetime Updates

Don't just take my word for it...see what other busy moms like you have achieved in just a five-day challenge: 

Rebecca T 5 Day Challenge Results
Decluttering Challenge Results

Imagine what your home could be like just one month from now...

Get in now and pay what you think it's worth: $29 $??

Offer expires in: 

This program is for you if... 

You're ready to Stop:

  • Being greeted with a sink full of dirty dishes every time you walk into your kitchen.
  • Having to rearrange your kitchen cabinets just to access the pots, pans and dishes you need to cook dinner. 
  • Wondering if that basket of laundry you've rifled through every day this week is clean or dirty.
  • Settling for chaos and mess.  

And ready to start: 

  • Managing daily kitchen clean up in just a few minutes...and knowing the feeling of an empty sink well. 
  • Enjoying your kitchen space and utilizing it effortlessly.  
  • Being able to fold and put away a load of laundry in 20 minutes -- and loving everything in your wardrobe.
  • Getting a jumpstart on the  simple, organized and peaceful home you deserve. 

So, how does it work?

The 28 Day Decluttering Jumpstart Program Walks you step-by-step through a decluttering process that addresses some of the biggest time eaters and out-of-control spaces in our homes -- all in an easy-to-follow series of daily assignments, designed specifically for busy moms, with rest days built in.

In just 15-30 minutes per task, you can really make a dent in your decluttering, finally get some momentum, and achieve results that will make an immediate impact on your life.

A process is great, but sometimes you need a little more than that. You need some hand-holding. You need some accountability. And you need some specific, daily assignments and guidance to help you go from overwhelmed to action-taker.

In addition to the printable assignment guide, you’ll get a weekly email from me for four weeks to check in, see how it’s going and asking you to report back on your progress. A little extra accountability can be a great motivator.

And finally, you’ll also get an invitation to join our private Facebook group, where we’ll be going over the assignments each week and you’ll have another place to check in, celebrate your wins, and troubleshoot any stumbling blocks that arise right alongside a community of moms who are working on the same thing.


This was a win because it reminded me how much can be accomplished in a short period of time! After the move, every project seemed so big and daunting... it's nice to see that I can keep my life decluttered without devoting hours and hours.

Brooke Schocke

SAHM of 4 & Challenge Participant


So, I love the small chunks of decluttering! I choose one or two spaces to tackle for 15-20 minutes and it's working! I've never been able to stick with a plan to declutter like I am now! Actually, now I'm completely obsessed! Today, it was my nightstand drawers and the little table next to where I sit and watch TV in the evening. Done! It's so rewarding!

Danielle MacDonald
Homeschooling Mom, YL Distributor & Challenge Participant


I started this challenge with no specific project in mind, but just  one bookcase was enough to show me how much can one do in 15 minutes. I now have 15 minute blocks scheduled in my planner EVERY day to just do some decluttering/cleaning. I now have a box in my car where I systematically put in things that I can leave in the church for people in need. And I will empty it every Sunday since I'm there anyway. Those are huge little changes. :) Thank you, Kristin, for opening my eyes! I do have my vision and a plan for a clean place to live. 

Alicija Ciesielka
Mom of 3 and blogger at

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28 Day Decluttering Jumpstart

You could be just four weeks away from "stuck in the mess" to a manageable, more organized home. Get the Jumpstart you need today.

Join The 28 Day Decluttering Jumpstart Program
 now and pay what you think it's worth:
$29 $??

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