Toys to Joy:Empower your kids to clean up their mess. 

Ready to take cleanup time from overwhelm to autopilot – fast?

Toys to Joy is a quick program and simple, easy-to-implement system to help fed up moms end the constant cycle of kid messes – in under a week – so you can enjoy your home. 

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Tired of feeling like you spend all your time cleaning and yet somehow have nothing to show for it because your kids are following right behind creating new messes?

What if there was a way to get the toys in check

and teach your kids to manage them?

↑↑ Watch the video to see this program in action. My kids clean their play space in less than 3 minutes. ↑↑

You need a quick fix so that you can collect the energy to take on everything else that has suddenly been heaped onto your plate thanks to the recent pandemic.  A lot more people are home a lot more of the time, making a lot more mess. 

I’m sharing what I know from my own personal experience as a *recovering* hot mess mom of four busy kiddos.

I have felt the paralysis of overwhelm — knowing I needed to do something but not being able to take action because it seemed daunting and impossible. 

And I know well that you understand that you need to get organized, but right now, you just want your kids to stop trashing your house! 

I spent years struggling with overwhelm and frustration, and once I found my way out, I built a business dedicated to helping other moms find their way out too. 

The Toys to Joy program has been three years in the making, but you’ll have it working for you in less than a week. 🙂

Are you ready to dig out from under the toys and develop a sustainable long-term solution in about a week that takes cleanup from overwhelm to autopilot? 

(Um, of course you are!)

Get started on Toys to Joy today!

Here’s exactly what you’ll get with Toys to Joy:

6 video lessons broken down into easy-to-digest, actionable phases that you can stream on any device. These lessons will guide you step-by-step through the entire transformation from overwhelming mess to a tidy, kid-managed space that isn’t taking over your home.

Value: $97

An actionable workbook with bonus printable tools to help you maximze each lesson including:

♥ Cheat Sheets

♥ Habit Tracker

♥ Daily Planner Page

Value: $19

Customizable, printable label templetes.

Value: $15

You’ll learn how to apply the “Game of ZONES” method for organizing that will keep toys from oozing all over your home.

Value: $47

And you’ll learn how to organize using my proprietary S.C.H.O.O.L. strategy to promote play and kid-friendly cleanup that can be finished in minutes.

Value: $47


Total Value: More than $200.

Get it now for just $37.

Lock in this low price today. It will be going up soon! 

The Toys to Joy program works for families with kids from preschool age on up. If you’re fed up and looking for a solution to unbury your space from a growing pile of toys and scrap paper, within a week, I’ve got you covered. 

Better still, if you’re looking for a system to end the constant cycle of kid messes that is sustainable and will help you teach your kids to manage the mess long-term so the results last well beyond the week of effort you’re putting in, I’ve really got you!

Right now you’re struggling with frustration, overwhelm, and mess…

No matter how much time you spend picking up (or fighting your kids to do it), there is always more mess to clean. You can’t keep up. It’s making you unhappy, and let’s face it, it’s probably making your family unhappy too. 

It feels like you have two choices: live in the mess, or spend all your time cleaning it. 

But, there’s a better way.

Imagine if just one week from today, you’re sitting on your couch after the kids have gone to bed and you didn’t have to shove a single thing out of the way to find a spot. 

Imagine that you didn’t spend all day cleaning or nagging your kids to clean. 

Imagine that you don’t have to be the “bad guy.” 

And imagine that your kids actually spent time playing instead of whining to you that they’re bored. And that they cleaned up their own mess. And that you had a minute to complete a thought in a space that wasn’t bogged down in toys. 

This is exactly what could be possible for you inside the Toys to Joy program.

Lock in this low price today. It will be going up soon! 

So, just who am I to be teaching this to you?

organizing, productivity and time management for moms

Hi, I’m Kristin Mullen!

I’m a mom of four, entrepreneur, part-time Jazzercise instructor, *recovering* hot mess, and founder of Totally the Mom.

I’ve built a community helping hundreds of moms overcome overwhelm and simplify their lives through realistic organizing, decluttering and time management strategies.  Because I know the frustration and self-doubt that come with feeling like you’re always struggling.

I spent many years in that place, and I’ve made it my mission to help moms escape it, because it is absolutely possible. Even if you’re not the Type-A, super organized mom. Even if you’re easily distracted, tend to be scattered and feeling overwhelmed. Even if you can’t find time to shower.

I actually developed Toys to Joy after many recent conversations with moms just like you. 

The coronavirus pandemic had already hit hard by this point and when I asked moms what was stopping or slowing them down from getting their lives organized, so many half-jokingly replied, “My kids!”

I heard, “Right now I just want my kids to stop trashing my house!”

With so much being heaped into our laps right now as we navigate staying home, remote learning, trying to work or get things done around the house, and clinging to sanity by a shred, so many moms are struggling with the constant cycle of kid messes. 

You need a break. A quick win. Not some complex, layered, multi-step mechanism that you need to break down and apply over time to your life. 

We could all use one less thing on our plates right now. 

So I thought about that need. “I just want my kids to stop trashing my house!”

And I realized a few things: 

  • What you need right now is not a sustainable long-term life organization program that could take months to  implement
  • What you need right now isn’t even step one of that process, which could also take months to get through
  • What you do need is a simple solution to solve a single problemstop spending so much time cleaning up kid messes

And I realized I already had a solution. 

It’s a proven system that you can implement to not only cut down on the number of toys taking over your home, but also empowers your kids to take ownership of their play and the mess so you don’t have to. And you can get it started quickly. 

Like, within a week. 

And I know it works because the system that I teach inside Toys for Joy is the exact system I use in my own home with our family of six. 

And if I can do it, with my four busy kids (ages 3-11) who also inherited their mother’s natural tendency toward distraction and disorganization — you can too! 

In fact, it’s the same system that inspired me to start Totally the Mom three years ago when my youngest was just a baby. 

Now, I’m teaching it to you.

Here’s what you’ll learn inside Toys to Joy: 

Yes, it is possible. 

Ditch Disaster. 

Ditch Frustration and Overwhelm. 

Stop settling for constant mess. 

Embrace fewer toys, more play, more time and empower your kids to maintain it. Within a week.

This program is not going to take you a long time to work through. 

It’s broken down into five simple lessons, delivered to you via easy-to-digest videos that you can watch and implement in the same day…

…while you’re drinking your coffee…

…while you’re having lunch…

…while your littles are napping…

…while you’re putting your kids to bed…

The program was designed to make it easy for you to learn, then do. Every day. Then move on. So you can get the toys under control and have some peace in your home as quickly as possible.

Frequently Asked Questions About Toys to Joy: 

I’m not tech savvy. What kind of technology do I need for this program?

Honestly, nothing more than a phone, tablet or computer. And if you want to print some of the material, a printer. Other than that, you just need your own ears, eyes and brain. 🙂

Do I have to invest in some sort of expensive organizing system or products?

Nope. This program is designed to help you work with what you’ve got. And if you choose to buy anything more, I give you recommendations that won’t cost you more than a dollar.

How much time do I need for this program?

You don’t need more than a half-hour each day to consume the lessons (often, even less than that). Implementing them should take from a weekend up to a week on average. No more than two. Individual circumstances, effort and motivation will also influence this time frame. But this program was designed to yield quick results so you can get back to better things.

Can I buy this, try this, then ask for a refund?

Due to the digital nature of this program and the fact that it is intended to yield a quick turnaround, refunds are not offered at this time. 

But the reality is that once you implement it, the only r-word on your mind will be the amazing results. 😉

When does this start? How soon do I get access to the information?

As soon as you click buy (plus possibly a few seconds for it to digitally land in your inbox, you open it and click on the first lesson). But you don’t have to start right away either. It will be ready for you when you are.

How long do I have access to the materials? Do they expire?

You will have lifetime access to all the lessons, as well as any updates that are made down the line. It never expires.

What if my kids are older, does this still apply to me?

If you’re struggling with their mess all over your house, then yes!

What if my kids are little, does this apply to me?

Yes. Though designed with preschool and up in mind, kids as young as 18-months can clean up with some extra parent help. Plus, when you start young with these habits, it will only get easier as they get bigger and are able to take on more of the responsibility themselves. 

Is this a program for kids or parents?

This program is designed for parents, with tips for how and when to incorporate kids.

My kids hate cleaning and we have not been successful in getting them to donate anything in the past. Do I have to work with my kids to implement this program?

No. Not right away. In fact, I encourage you not to work with your kids in the very beginning of the decluttering/organizing phases if this is a new or challenging concept, or if they are not mature enough to understand what you are trying to achieve for them. We go over how and when to incorporate your kids throughout the program.

Can I do this with my kids?

Absolutely! You know your children best and what will work best in your family. If you feel that they are old enough and mature enough to understand it, feel free! We go over how and when to incorporate your kids throughout the program.

How do I join?

Easy, click here for the fastest way. In a matter of a few seconds, you’ll be ready to start your first lesson and on your way from the overwhelm of toys, to Joy!

Who is Toys to Joy for?

SAHMs with young children

Yes, this program is for you! You deal with the aftermath of the stuff day in and day out. This can be a powerful way to keep the mess from driving you crazy and give you some space for things that have nothing to do with toys. 🙂

Working Moms

Yes, this program is definitely for you too! You’ve got a lot to juggle. The last thing you want to do during your home/family time is fight about cleaning up messes and wade through the sea of toys just to find your couch. This program helps you empower your kids to play independently, take ownership of their toys and clean them up. What’s not to love?

Moms of School-Age or Older Kids/Teens

Yes, yes, and yes! This program is for you too. The older your kids are, the more equipped they are to take on more responsibility. Even they will appreciate the structure and independence fueled by this program. And you will appreciate the freedom from having to constantly deal with their mess!

Adults of any Kind with Children Living in Their Homes

Grandparents, Step-Parents, Foster or Adoptive Parents, Guardians…yes, this is also for you. If you’ve got kids making messes in your home, this program will help you learn to deal with it. Quickly. But we do mean actual kids here — childish husbands and spouses don’t count. 😉

Here’s how this works:

 Step 1:

Grab your copy of Toys to Joy here.

 Step 2:

Check your inbox for your email with log-in details and click to get started right away (or whenever you’re ready).

 Step 3:

Follow the steps outlined in the lessons in order to begin reducing, organizing and implementing the easy cleanup system with your family to manage the kid mess.

 Step 4:

Bask in the glory of your organized space and enjoy your home!

Imagine where you could be just one week from today…

…in a home that isn’t overrun with toys.

…listening to your kids enjoy space to play

not spending all of your time cleaning up trails of messes from your kids

…finally able to relax in a space that is free from toys

…and watching cleanup happen on autopilot without ruthless nagging

All of this is possible for you in just a week with Toys to Joy. 

All of the value packed into this program, the ease and simplicity, the methods and strategies that will help you get it done quickly, the options for involving your children and the tools to make it all happen..make this program worth up to 10x the current price.

But I want it to be accessible. I want this to be a quick and easy decision for you. So you can click, buy and do! 

If you are fed up and ready for an escape from the constant cycle of kid messes so you can enjoy your home too – all within a week – join now. 

Ditch disaster and take your home back with Toys for Joy.

Lock in this low price today. It will be going up soon! 

 Grab Toys to Joy today & escape the kid mess cycle within a week!

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