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Learn from  more than a dozen Moms, experts and advocates on the go, at your own pace.

Plus get access to our exclusive, private “Mastermind” community of moms where you can access recordings, transcripts, printable bonuses (including planner pages and cheat sheets), and connect with other moms who have BTDT, just like you. 


You’re Not Alone!Find solutions and support for what you need, when you need it.

Whether you’re a seasoned mom or a first-timer, the one predictable thing about motherhood is its unpredictability. Just when we think we know what we’re doing, along comes the next stage, or a new season of life, leaving you scratching your head and thinking, “…what now??”

There’s no guidebook for any of this. And, Google is great, but it can feel overwhelming and even isolating to find information you need to help you make decisions for yourself and your family. 

The combination of so many differing parenting styles, one-sided/misleading social media posts,  and plethora of platforms for anyone to cast judgement or express their “expertise” on parenting can sometimes leave you feeling like you’re the only one who makes mistakes or needs some help. 

But the reality is: We all need guidance and support. We need a tribe. We need each other. 

That’s what Moms for Moms is all about. 

We bring moms together to share information, resources, relatability and assurance that we’re not alone in our struggles.

Here’s what you’ll get with the Access Pass: 

  • checkLifetime streaming access to the entire Moms for Moms Online Summit 2020
  • checkDownloadable, printable transcripts of presentations and interviews
  • checkBONUS printable resources, including cheat sheets, planner pages, and more
  • checkEXCLUSIVE access to our private “Mom Mastermind” community where you’ll have access to all our summit information, plus a platform to connect, ask your questions, vent and celebrate together

What people are saying…

Meet the Speakers…

Alicja Ciesielska, Just Redefine

This mom of three, wife, blogger and mindset coach is on a mission to end the idea of an overwhelmed mom hiding in a bathroom to find five minutes to herself (which ends as crying on the floor and feeling like the worst mom ever). After dealing with her own struggles, Alicja uses her educational background in psychology and gained experience to support moms in their own journeys to growth.

Kristin Mullen, Totally the Mom

As a busy mom of four kiddos (ages 3-10), Kristin knows what it’s like to feel like your life is just one big chaos parade. She is uber passionate about helping her fellow hot mess mamas make a huge transformation in their lives. She provides realistic decluttering strategies, time management tips and mom life hacks. Because kids are crazy; life doesn’t have to be.

Caroline Vencil, Caroline Vencil

Caroline is a money-saving and budgeting expert, especially when it comes to her family of 6 living on one low income. She is a master of living frugally on a tight budget and still having a full life. Her passion is to teach other women how to make their money work for them and to take charge of their own financial lives and to make it totally doable.

Alison Morrow, Good Schooling

Former elementary and middle school teacher Alison has homeschooled for 14 years and now helps others to launch their own homeschool adventure with her business, Her goal is to empower, equip, and encourage parents so they have the confidence they need to provide their children with the education they deserve.

Melissa Rohlfs, Free 2 B Coaching

Melissa is a certified holistic health and life coach helping busy women create new healthy habits around food so they can lose weight for good, gain energy and be the woman they desire to be. She is committed to empowering women to break free from dieting, emotional eating, using food to cope with stress, and self-image issues so they can ditch the diet mentality, and feel confident and empowered in their own skin.

Laura Nau, Nau and Forever

Laura Nau is an Empowerment Coach for women and self-love expert. She helps women raise their confidence and vibes to live the lives they were meant to live.

She says: “I have been a cheerleader all my life, and I have this strong drive to cheer on all the women and mamas out there.”

Amy Bronkhorst, Starting Parenting Over

Amy is a wife and a mom of six kids. She blogs at Starting Parenting Over, where she provides quick tips to help busy parents manage their children’s behaviors in a positive way. She will be sharing how she has transformed from the more traditional method of parenting she used with her four boys (now ages 17-24) into positive parenting with her two girls (just turning 5 and 6), and the difference it has made in her home!

Jackie White & Erika Fehrenbach Prell, Soulshine Life Connections

Jackie has been writing about life and its ups and downs for many years. Her mission is to inspire and teach others to live their best life.  Erika is passionate about inspiring, educating, and coaching others on their path to complete wellness-mind, body, and soul. Together, they created Soulshine Life Connections with its mission to help people lead their best lives.

Ana Willis, They Call Me Blessed

Ana is the unhurried homeschool mom of 3, wife, blogger and mompreneur. She loves to encourage, inspire, and empower moms to go from stressed to blessed by providing them with the tips, strategies, and resources they need to succeed. Ana is the founder of They Call Me Blessed. Ana also leads a vibrant free community for homeschool moms on Facebook.

Nichole Clark, Choose an Amazing Life

Nichole is an author, speaker, and empowerment coach who helps people feel good about themselves, love their lives, and get out of their own way. She’s a mother of 6 and has been married for 17 years. She loves reading, writing, singing, cooking, and spending time with loved ones.

Kirsty Blattner, Kristy Blattner

Kirsty loves guiding people to reclaim their Passion, Purpose and Power so they’re on track to serve their clients successfully. Her mission is to inspire one million people who then serve others in their lives successfully, creating a ripple effect of awesomeness!

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