5 Day Decluttering Jumpstart Challenge

Rebecca T 5 Day Challenge Results

This challenge is for you if: 

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    You're so over living in chaos and mess.
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    You're tired of overstuffed closets, drawers that won't close, and having to dig your couch out from beneath a pile of laundry just to have a place to sit down.
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    You avoid having people over because you're too embarrassed by the state of your house.

Each day, for five days, you'll get:

  • A special email with instructions, tips and your homework assignment for the day
  • Accountability, lives and check ins in the private Facebook group, to encourage, inspire and motivate you to kickstart your organizing goals

You'll learn:

  • How to start
  • Where to focus your efforts
  • How to stay motivated and how to find the time to see the challenge through
  • How to deal with emotions that can surface, including overwhelm, sentimentality and frustration
  • How to keep going

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Rebecca T 5 Day Challenge Results
Decluttering Challenge Results


This was a win because it reminded me how much can be accomplished in a short period of time! After the move, every project seemed so big and daunting... it's nice to see that I can keep my life decluttered without devoting hours and hours.

Brooke Schocke

SAHM of 4 & Challenge Participant


So, I love the small chunks of decluttering! I choose one or two spaces to tackle for 15-20 minutes and it's working! I've never been able to stick with a plan to declutter like I am now! Actually, now I'm completely obsessed! Today, it was my nightstand drawers and the little table next to where I sit and watch TV in the evening. Done! It's so rewarding!

Danielle MacDonald
Home-Schooling Mom, YL Distributor & Challenge Participant


I started this challenge with no specific project in mind, but just  one bookcase was enough to show me how much can one do in 15 minutes. I now have 15 minute blocks scheduled in my planner EVERY day to just do some decluttering/cleaning. I now have a box in my car where I systematically put in things that I can leave in the church for people in need. And I will empty it every Sunday since I'm there anyway. Those are huge little changes. :) Thank you, Kristin, for opening my eyes! I do have my vision and a plan for a clean place to live. 

Alicija Ciesielka
Mom of 3 and Blogger at JustRedifine.com 

Your organizing goals are waiting...join the free challenge today!

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